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Science and Children , 42 3, Mitchell, D. Writing to learn across the curriculum and the English teacher. English Journal , 85, Santa, C. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt. In this spin-off off from the traditional tale, the indomitable bread-making Little Red Hen makes pizza. Describe why her friends wouldn't help her and in the order they refused her request.

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Make the pizza, its maker, and the ingredients irresistible in your description. Compare it to a time-honored version. A prolific and popular poet, Prelutsky provides poem starters for slightly older children. Young poets can either finish the "poemstarts" suggested here or create their own original poem.

Cinderella stories are found around the world; here, they have been fused into one tale with special characteristics in text and illustrations that reflect the different origins. Expand parts of the story to echo the traditions of the culture and its history from which it comes.

It may be possible to develop a map of tales e. Counting is fun especially in this sophisticated but accessible and handsomely illustrated book. Various situations are introduced in straightforward sentences followed by questions that are answered by counting. Describe each situation in the order presented. Arresting photographs of water in various states not only introduces water but also weather, solids and liquids, and more. The sophisticated text further encourages experimentation and observation, although is not necessary to use the entire book with younger children.

Sequencing, sets, counting, and money coins are introduced in crisp photographs in this wordless concept book. Upper and lower case letters from A to Z with attendant objects are half of the book; turn it over and numbers, counting, and more are presented. Children are encouraged to observe as experiment as they learn about wind and air as well as practice science writing by describing their findings.

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A boy has five pennies and spends them one at a time as he meets people during a walk. Told in rhyme, this cumulative story is appealing and well supported by illustration. The traditional tale of a boy who planted magic beans is reimagined as a city story of a spell broken.

How to start a descriptive essay about a person?

Illustrations are photographs that have been manipulated for good effect. A mother and her child get the ingredients for soup on a snowy day and then add everything to the pot. The pair plays snug and warm while the soup simmers until Dad comes home when they enjoy soup together.

Crisp collage and a simple text make for a cozy read. Ted Williams never flinched at hard work or a challenge. In his last season with the Boston Red Sox, Williams had to decide if he wanted to take the chance and lose his rare. Williams' decision creates a riveting read in this handsome and thoughtful look at one man's ethics and the times in which he lived. Two machines captivated young Philo Farnsworth: a telephone and a phonograph. Both had cranks and both connected people with others one in real time, the other through music. These and other inspirations motivated young Philo to invent what was to become known as the television.

His early story is fascinatingly told and well illustrated. Relive the journey of the Apollo 11 where the first people stepped on the Moon's surface and saw Earth from a very different perspective. Eloquent language and illustrations combine to present this historical event in a unique, unforgettable way. If all of the million people were simply one village of people, its diversity is easier to understand.

That's just what the author has done to make the complex make-up of the U.

Descriptive Writing - Organization and Structure - Writing Resources - Writing Center - IUP

Colorful illustrations accompany the understandable text. Additional resources complete the book. Every day children around the world awake to begin their days having breakfast, going to school, coming home to families. A poetic text combines with photographs from myriad countries to visually highlight the richness of the world and its people.

At One Hoppin' Place, the countdown to bedtime is about to begin when a family of hamsters β€” a mother and father with nine kids and a baby all wearing numbered striped jerseys β€” arrives at the front door. When Louis' uncle sends a tadpole from a certain lake in Scotland, the small tadpole grows to enormous proportions. With the help of a resourceful librarian, Louis figures out a way to feed his large and ever-hungry Alphonse as well as determine a permanent solution. Humor abounds in this contemporary classic. Martin Luther King Jr. Look at the sample before writing a descriptive essay example.

You may wonder how to write a descriptive essay.

Three Styles of Essay Conclusion

There are several things to keep in mind before you write:. Usually, teachers give students a list of literature on the subject.

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  • Also, each textbook has a list of bibliographies to search for literary sources books, magazine and newspaper publications. Get acquainted with the annotation to the publication and read excerpts from the text, only then make a decision to read the whole text. Electronic media will help you to keep abreast of current events and pick up bright living examples to illustrate the reasoning.

    Choose the most suitable statement that covers all points that you are going to discuss in your work. Use some interesting quotes or citation making your introduction eye-catchy. For example, if you have made your mind to write a description of some place, stick to the following detailed plan:.

    The more locations you will describe, the more paragraphs your paper will consist of.

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    If you find it difficult to organize your thoughts in the written form and develop a good outline, then you may ask those who know how to do this quickly and effectively by ordering it online. Creating a successful description, you should use a vivid language to help your reader see the picture. Learn here how to write an observation essay. For example, describing your holidays at the seaside, breathe life into your work and avoid formalism. Use simple, understandable language appealing to your target audience. Help your reader feel how it was great to swim and play with waves.

    You will succeed if the person reading your paper can feel like being there. In fact, it is a narration with more vivid details. This is the main peculiarity that makes this descriptive type of writing different from a simple narrative paper style. Sometimes there is no movement at all. Read your entire essay over again, out loud this time.