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This raises a sticky question: is it appropriate to raise unemployment to help people out of poverty? Given the power of the working-class voting block as evidenced in the election cycle , lawmakers may well avoid raising the federal minimum wage. Oddly enough, minimum wage increases adjusted for the inflation they cause raise the real income of most families as compared to the poverty level. Only families that make over 6 times the poverty rate would see a decrease in real income if lawmakers raised the federal minimum wage.

Given this statistic , some would argue that the greatest resistance to minimum wage increases are not the working poor, but rather the richest members of society. Others would argue that families live beneath the poverty line due to underemployment, not the minimum wage. Would creating more jobs and more full-time jobs bring more people into the labor force and raise the national standard of living?

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For this reason, some experts say the EITC has a greater effect on the very poor than the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage without EITC upgrades would help many families, but not necessarily the poorest.

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Many minimum-wage workers are secondary earners with support from primary breadwinners who make a good deal more than they do. Raising the minimum wage creates a ripple effect throughout organizations — with positive and negative effects.

Your total wages per hour ignoring peak times, days off, etc. However, this situation would certainly lead to dissatisfaction among your more experienced and skilled workers. To reward your experienced and loyal employees, you want to offer a variety of pay levels. Compared to your previous total wages of Would you even start such a business, knowing a minimum wage increase could cut deep into your profits? Your bialy business could survive and thrive by marketing its carb-and-caffeine products to minimum-wage workers on their morning commutes.

This segment of the consumer market—flush with cash—could spend more on AM treats, increasing demand for your products. By setting a minimum wage and setting it to increase with inflation, lawmakers would benefit small business owners who like our hypothetical bialy-slingers employ many employees at and near the minimum wage. Neither employers nor employees would experience periods of feast and famine. This action would stabilize the long-term economy and encourage entrepreneurial investment.

With a minimum wage of nine dollar and hour California , it would be hard for one to be able to afford all the necessities that are needed in order to live in city like Los Angeles LA. Therefore, increasing the minimum wage or paying living wage are solutions which workers are trying to push for in workplaces. The effects of increasing the minimum wage and paying living wage to workers have significant impacts on both workers….

One side saying their needs to be an increase in minimum wage, usually democrats and low income residents. Another side saying minimum wage was okay where it is, usually owners of business and republicans. Though the years the battle for how much minimum wage should be has become fiery and intense, with both sides not faltering back on their beliefs. Legislations such as the pay workers a living wage act have been introduced through…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

Why America Needs a $15 Minimum Wage

Browse Essays. Home Page Living Wages Essay. Living Wages Essay Words 8 Pages. Show More. When the first minimum wage law was enacted in , www.

Essay: What Actually Happens When Minimum Wage Increases? by Shanice Small | Ellen Berrey

This act was in the decade of the Great Depression, and people were struggling for necessities. However, along the same line, people working for minimum wage today are not technically struggling to make ends meet in the first place. And, in turn, California's minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum wage. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia increased their minimum wage during , mostly due to previously passed legislation.

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    Here is a summary of the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage. An increase in the minimum wage raises the standard of living for impoverished workers. The minimum wage hasn't kept up with inflation.