Thesis of obesity in america

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  2. 5 reasons Americans are obese — that have nothing to do with food
  3. Obesity in America
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Obesity research paper

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5 reasons Americans are obese — that have nothing to do with food

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Order now. Online Custom Essay Writing Service. Therefore, here are the highlights from Novo Nordisk's first-quarter earnings results:. The first thing that anyone reviewing these earnings is likely to notice is that Novo Nordisk managed to grow its top-line revenues at a fairly impressive 8. However, it is important to keep in mind that Novo Nordisk is a large, international corporation that does business in many different countries.

Obesity in America

Thus, the company's customers pay for its products with a variety of different currencies, the values of which are constantly fluctuating against each other. These fluctuations will thus have an impact on the company's reported figures.

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  7. We see this in the most recent quarter as the Danish krona declined against many of the currencies used by the company's customers. This has the effect of boosting the top-line when Novo Nordisk converts the currencies that it actually received back into the Danish currency for reporting purposes. Thus, some of the growth that we see was due to currency movements and not from the company actually selling more products. Novo Nordisk managed to deliver organic growth in every region in which it operates except for North America.

    How To Write A Strong Obesity Research Paper?

    There was also some growth in North America when we take the appreciation of the U. The sales growth that we saw was mostly due to increased demand for Novo Nordisk's primary products, which are those used in the treatment of obesity or diabetes.

    Unfortunately, the sales level of its biopharmaceuticals was largely unchanged from last year. However, biopharmaceuticals make up only a tiny portion of the firm's overall business, so this is not really a big deal. Source: Novo Nordisk Earnings Presentation. In past articles on Novo Nordisk, I speculated that the firm's long-lasting GLP-1 analogue semaglutide would become a major growth engine for the company. We do certainly see that in the first quarter as the drug now commands a We also see that Ozempic has managed to capture market share steadily in both Canada and in the European nations in which it has been introduced:.

    Thesis Statement

    This clearly shows us that doctors and patients prefer this product to competing ones across the Western world. Clearly, this is quite good for Novo Nordisk as it allows the company to capture that money which would otherwise have been spent on other products. This is quite obviously a net positive for Novo Nordisk and by extension its investors.

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    We are also continuing to see Novo Nordisk expand the footprint of Ozempic internationally as regulators grant approval for the product. As mentioned in the highlights, Ozempic has now been approved for sale in nineteen different countries with undoubtedly more to come, although Novo Nordisk does not explicitly state this in its earnings report.

    If we see the same type of market share growth in new countries that we see in the countries where it has already launched, it should prove to be quite positive for the company's forward revenue growth. Another product that I have mentioned as a potential growth stimulant for Novo Nordisk is Saxenda. This is a product that is designed to help obese people with other obesity-related conditions control their weight.

    Novo Nordisk continued to roll out Saxenda in new markets during the first quarter as regulatory approval was granted. The product is now available in 41 countries and as we can see above, nations other than the United States have been accounting for an increasing proportion of the company's sales growth.