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Papers People. A review of the West African ocean current energy generating potential is carried out. The peculiarity of the West African ocean characteristic is discussed and the challenges noted. Based on this review, it is found that ocean current Based on this review, it is found that ocean current represents an alternative source of renewable energy in West Africa in a streamed regular supply. The ocean weather condition is mild and offers good benefit to marine operations with respect to renewable energy conversion system installations offshore.

In the perspective of the authors, it is believed that engineering and scientific investments are necessary in order to harness the ocean current renewable source in West Africa.

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Suggested techniques include-Application of momentum diffusion technology to the ocean current flow system; Design of ocean current generating system whose efficiency relies more on volume flow rather than fast running fluid velocities; Investigation into reported increased velocities suspected to be due to hydrodynamic influence of discharging upland rivers into the ocean water systems. A success of such confirmation will lead to the use of conventional generating system in such locations.

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It is largely hoped that aggressive interests in the subject area will open wide opportunities in the ocean current renewable energy source to supplement the intense energy demand of this part of the continent. Save to Library. Ocean Modelling for Beginners. The verification was performed by adjusting the position of SWH obtained from the altimetry satellite path to the contour of the WW3 model for the same grids.

The time series and data distribution showed that OFS SWH, in general, had higher values than that measured by altimetry satellite. Adjustments or fine-tuning therefore are required for the WW3 model results to match actual observations.


The determination of a tidal harmonic constant, tidal datum and tidal type are influenced by the location and the positions of the moon and the sun which have specific periods. This research utilized observation tidal data during June In this paper, the admiralty method is applied to determine tidal harmonic constant.

Eight harmonic constants obtained and used to determine the Form number and water level datum. The results showed that Pamengpeuk and Sarmi waters have a mixed tide prevailing semidiurnal type while the Belitung waters have a diurnal tide type. Widodo Pranowo. To reach upwelling and downwelling zones deep within the Southern Ocean seasonal sea-ice cover, water masses must move across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and through current systems including the Ross Gyre, Weddell Gyre, and In this study we focus our attention on the lagrangian exchange between the Ross Gyre and surrounding current systems.

We conducted numerical experiments using 5-day 3D velocity fields from the Southern Ocean State Estimate with a particle tracking package to identify pathways by which waters move from near the Antarctic AA coastal margins or Antarctic Circumpolar Current ACC into the interior of the Ross Gyre, and to identify the timescales of variability associated with these pathways. At this juncture, ACC-derived inflow dominates the across-gyre transport up to the Antarctic margin.

Transport and exchange associated with different time-average components of flow are calculated to determine the relative contributions of high- and low-frequency and time-mean components. New mission directives are increasingly moving towards the investigation of terrain in denied areas where there is a lack of ground surveillance and reconnaissance.

In particular efforts have focused on finding ways to increase the In particular efforts have focused on finding ways to increase the certainty surrounding the extraction of anomalies in imagery. To address this issue, research work has focused on the manufacture of a series of algorithms that form an image processing conglomerate dubbed the Riverside Research Anomaly Detector or RRAD.

Oceanography Research Papers Custom Written

This suite of algorithms exploits the statistical independence of its components to increase the certainty that when an anomaly is found it is a true one rather than a false alarm. The GUIs allow for the succinct visualization of the results of matrix factorization and clustering algorithms which distill high dimensional data down to essential intelligence information. This is contents of the book. Geo-intelligence directives often dictate the need for the quantification of the ocean surface roughness in order to make high level decisions. In situations involving surface water waves, this can be accomplished through the use of In particular, the wavenumber spectrum gives information about the structure of the dominant wavelength of the water wave field, while the frequency-wavenumber spectrum gives structural information about both the dominant frequency and spatial scales.

Both quantities, in principle, allow for the extrapolation of bathymetric structural information which is invaluable to geo-intelligence decision making. Structural field analysis of a large eddy turbulent flow simulation using probabilistic graphical modeling.

Environmental engineering remote sensing platforms using hyperspectral imagery are often responsible for monitoring coastal regions in order to safeguard national waters. This objective requires determining subsurface turbulent structure This objective requires determining subsurface turbulent structure from surface water spatial measurements for flow state assessment and decision-making.


The inability of remote sensing platforms to penetrate the water column at depth because of turbulence-induced sediment-concentration modulation necessitates using models that dynamically link surface and subsurface structures. The data-driven model is based on machine-learning techniques that rely on data statistical covariance structure. Initial results suggest strong nonlinear coupling between the mean flow directed vorticity, cross mean flow velocity, and sediment concentration. In addition, a Bayesian-based state-action estimation algorithm is employed that demonstrates which turbulent feature variables should be focused on at specific times, given the desire to reach a known goal state, and given only a limited number of observations.

Such a model gives experimentalists time-and resource-saving guidance for determining what turbulent variables to measure at different times in order to reach a known turbulent goal state. This work came out from the teaching of the author of over 40 years. Generally no text book gives complete derivations. So this gives complete description and full derivations related to ocean currents.

Also related figures are narrated Also related figures are narrated in a simple language.

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An important step to determine whether certain coastal environment parameters can be estimated from remote sensing measurements is to establish their identifiability from the water leaving remote sensing reflectance. This work addresses This work addresses the sensitivity analysis of water leaving remote sensing reflectance to water constituents. The model used in the sensitivity analysis is Hydrolight, a radiative transfer code for ocean waters.

Pelabuhanratu Bay plays a big role for the flow of nutrients from the land to the sea of Sothern-Java. The aim of this study is to measure the The aim of this study is to measure the oceanographic parameters physical and chemical of Pelabuhanratu Bay i.

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Oceanography and Marine Research Open Access Journals

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