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Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart is a good novel that serves as a reminder of what Nigeria once was. It shows how a society can deal with change, how change affects the individuals of that society, and how delicate a change can be; so much so that the people themselves are surprised at the change. Better Essays words 8. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is one work of literature where the author uses many literary terms to convey the main idea of the story. Achebe uses literary terms such as amplification and irony in his story, Things Fall Apart, to convey his message. Amplification is a literary application wherein the writer writes in details about certain events or things to increase its worth and understandability Literary Terms Better Essays words 3.

The Idea of Violent Masculinity in the Novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

When these things are in question he physically harms his family and emotionally beats himself up. When change comes into his life he just thinks of the old ways. He is unwilling to change because in his mind the newer ways are womanly and cowardice. When his eldest son turns to the European Christians, this is the hardest blow to Okonkwo because this shows the people of the tribe that he cannot control his own family, which puts any of the possible positions into jeopardy Better Essays words 2.

Similarities Between Okonkwo And Things Fall Apart

When Okonkwa rashly kills a messenger from the British district office, his clansmen back away in fear; he realizes that none of them support him and that he can't save his village from the British colonists. Okonkwo is defeated. He commits suicide, a shameful and disgraceful death like his father's. Previous Chapter Next Unoka.

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Why does Achebe choose to end his novel with reference to this unwritten book planned by a colonial officer? What does this ending say more generally about colonial violence? In this essay, I will discuss the elusive and complex nature of colonial violence that Achebe so subtly depicts throughout Things Fall Apart. There are at least four different levels of violence that I explore as aspects of colonial violence, which come together in the last pages of the book.

First, there is the most obvious, brutal, form of physical violence against another person, exemplified in Okonkwo's killing of the court messenger. Okonkwo kills this messenger, in a seemingly sudden and spontaneous act, after the messenger announced that he has received orders to break up a meeting between headmen in the marketplace.

Things Fall Apart - Wikipedia

Throughout the novel, Okonkwo constantly promotes the use of violence as a means of showing strength and the power of the clan. Ironically, it is this quality in him that ultimately alienates him from the clan and allows another, more subtle, form of violence to flourish.

Achebe presents a second level of violence after the District Commissioner arrives in the compound to arrest Okonkwo and, ostensibly, to put him in prison.