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After much work, the dog resonated with his voice, by developing the ability to decipher the different tones in his voice. Scott is responsible since he agrees to travel with White Fang back to his home instead of leaving him behind with the servant. It is noteworthy that Scott loves White Fang genuinely. This is recorded as one of the main reasons why the beast finally warned up to him. This trait facilitates their forming of a strong bond which made the dog guard him and his property. She acts as the leader of the wolf pack despite the fact that she is a domestic dog.

Her intelligence comes out clearly from the onset as she lures the sled driving dogs from Bill and Harry their masters into the woods London Kiche is also protective of her cubs and hunts in order to feed them. It is also on record that she fought a wolverine and a weasel in order to protect her only remaining cub. She is affectionate, an attribute which draws White Fang to her. It makes him look up to her as a teacher, guide and a source of protection.

Call of the Wild Essay ⇒ Free Book Summary

When she is taken away by an Indian for a debt owed, White Fang unsuccessfully attempts to pursue her before he is captured by beaver. When the fully grown White Fang meets her later in the book, she refuses to acknowledge him. In spite of this, respect he had for her is evidenced by the fact that he accepted the present state of affairs and upheld his respect for her as a mother and teacher.

Surprisingly, he treats him with fairness; in the same manner he does other dogs. The wolf considers him a god due to the extra chunks of meat he often receives from the Indian. It should be noted that Beaver was not a cruel man, but was socialized to believe that cruelty is synonymous with survival. He is tricked into alcoholism and his subsequent addiction ensures he trades the dog for liquor.

He in turn returned him back due to his honesty. Despite all his shortcomings, Beaver remains loyal to the wolf as a master, playing the most crucial of roles in developing his strength, independence and intelligence. It is satirical for the author to name a man with such an appalling character beauty. His cruelty is evidenced promptly as he whips White Fang on several occasions.

The Call of the Wild Essay

Fang submitted to him out of fear, and ran away on more than a few instances, but was brought back by Beaver. His total disregard for the dog is shown when he opts to watch the dog die in a fighting arena, before selling him off to Scott despite all the injuries it had incurred.

He unleashed him on other dogs with the hope of making a profit from bets placed during the fight. Beauty Smith employs treachery and gets Gray Beaver to sell him the dog. He is violent, since he exposes the dog to violence before unleashing him on other beasts for profit London He propagates the principle of gaining respect through fear and violence, with Smith being the main beneficiary of his exploits.

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It is noteworthy that Mr. London brings out his best pieces when writing about the relationships between human beings and beasts. He aptly presents feral nature to be entirely distinct from human nature and lifestyle. Login Join. Open Document. Qualities of a Hero Buck faces many challenges from the beginning of the story till the end. This story takes place in the Yukon territory, When a dog named Buck gets kidnapped from his blissful life and sent into a full of hardship and misery.

Throughout the whole story buck demonstrated his actions of trying to be the hero in the story. Buck showed that he was passionate many times throughout the story. This shows that buck would even try to kill a man who had hurt his loving master. Even though his first lesson was a man was the king now not him. It was the answer, in terms not of speech but of love.

This is only one reason of how buck is seen as a hero and there is a couple more to come. Another perspective of buck is his ferocity in some moments in the book. He did not pass to worry the victim, but ripped in passing, with the next bound tearing wide the throat of a second man. There was no withstanding him.

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This showed that when he was mad or out of control no living being could stop in his way of doing what he wants. This shoed that even though buck is silent there is a side that very bad to know.

After Spitz's death, which dog becomes the lead dog?

Nothing can stand in his way if he wanted to. Finally Buck showed his heroism by being brave… Show More. He also makes a point… Words - Pages 4. Essay about call of the wild The Call of The Wild, by Jack London, is about the transformation of a pampered, gentle, house dog into a wolf.

He was bigger, stronger, smarter, and even better loved than any other dog on his home in California… Words - Pages 3. This is what happens to Buck in the novel. Throughout the Call of the Wild, Buck is a dog that is changing all the way through up until the very end.

Learn English Through Story - The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Buck has to make a major transition. This is his biggest and hardest transition of the novel. This goes hand and hand with the theme of the novel because he has to transform to his surroundings to survive. The surrounding in the wild is vigorous and tough.