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As you analyze each document, take into account its source and the point of view of the author. Write an essay on the following topic that integrates your analysis of the documents. You may refer to historical facts and developments not mentioned in the documents.

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Analyze the factors that promoted or discouraged the spread of literacy. From pastoral visits, bishops' inquiries and reports by intendants, All are collected in villages: small towns and villages are everywhere in sight. This region contains the cream of French agriculture: the soil is excellent. The vast range of country is an unbounded plain, the whole scattered with rich meadows, vineyards, gardens and forests. Ready markets for every sort of produce are an incentive for improvement.

In contrast, in the south of France, the country is all hill or valley, farmhouses are everywhere scattered instead of being collected in towns and farming here is backward. The poor people who cultivate the soil here are sharecroppers, a miserable system that perpetuates poverty and excludes instruction. This unimproved, poor and ugly region of the country seems to lack communication, demand and activity of all kinds: nor does it yield on the average the half of what it might.

Arthur Young, English agricultural expert, "Travels in France" 's - 's.

The Influence of Rationalism on the French Revolution

Wine growers' daughters will make themselves ridiculous by reciting verses, while poetry is good for aristocratic young ladies. Merchants' daughters should learn about exactitude in commerce, measures weights and the allowed profit.

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Neither poetry nor conversation is necessary for the daughters of the bourgeoisie; it is not a question of embellishing their minds. Francoise d'Aubigne, Marquise de Maintenon. A French Bishop, Leter, As long as a peasant can form the letters of his name, he is skilled enough; and what he might know beyond that is of no utility whatever to him. While the changes of the French government and society were not sudden, the mentality and the philosophy of the people changed suddenly to allow for the practical changes to come around.

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  • Looking at who is to be a citizen, religious minorities, and women, the ideal for a new system came suddenly from the enlightenment, which allowed practical changes. During the Enlightenment, these problems were highlighted and highly criticized. Enlightenment thinkers called for people to start thinking for themselves, and to break off the chains of thought that oppressed them.

    They did not, however, call for revolution, nor were they necessarily pro-democracy. What they were interested in were practical reforms. In a system as broken as the Old Regime was, even the most practical of changes could seem revolutionary.

    The Old Regime in France: Absolute Monarchy | SchoolWorkHelper

    Not only was the Third Estate heterogeneous, comprising of the bourgeoise lawyers, doctors,. Under Mr. Moreover, because of his ability to work hand in hand with any local regimes and loved by his employees and clients as well. The biological old regime occurred between the 15th and 18th centuries.

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    During this time, everything was completed by hand. Growing food and making clothes could not be processed with a machine.

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    Available sources depended highly on the climate. For example, climate determined how many people could be supported by agriculture. A shift in society occurred during the 19th century. This marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.


    Although things became easier, it also negatively affected the ecosystem. Analyze the factors that promoted or discouraged the spread of literacy. However, a third opinion has emerged that suggests that Napoleon made revolutionary ideas practical and therefore acted as a bridge between the Ancien Regime and the lofty ideals of the Revolution. Napoleon can be seen as the defender of the French Revolution for several reasons. When the Revolution broke out in , Napoleon approved of its rational ideals and carried several of these through. Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this journal to your organisation's collection.

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