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If not, their summer funding will be cancelled, and it will have to be repaid. Final date of application is determined by your home department. Suggested deadline is Wednesday, February 27, Applications that are not submitted on time, fail to follow the submission procedures listed below or forwarded as an incomplete application will be disqualified and not reviewed.

Thesis progress report

By applying, students understand that they are giving their consent to disclose application information to University officials and to relevant funding committees. Applicants must be nominated by their department, IDP or school. To apply for nomination, students must:. Complete and submit the Online Application Form. All other doctoral students should complete the on-line application on the my. Harvard portal.

Sample Progress Report

Research must not continue during this time. Non-Resident Status Petition SD Used when research will take student outside of the Boston metropolitan area for an extended period of time. Skip to content Registrar's Office. Harvard T.

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Registrar's Office expand child menu. The substantiation of these claims will follow in the rest of the dissertation. Student Administration will not accept a copy that does not include the relevant Cover, Proforma and declarations. The Introduction should explain the principal motivation for the project.

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Show how the work fits into the broad area of surrounding Computer Science and give a brief survey of previous related work. It should generally be unnecessary to quote at length from technical papers or textbooks.

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If a simple bibliographic reference is insufficient, consign any lengthy quotation to an appendix. Principally, this chapter should describe the work which was undertaken before code was written, hardware built or theories worked on. It should show how the project proposal was further refined and clarified, so that the Implementation stage could go smoothly rather than by trial and error.

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Throughout this chapter and indeed the whole dissertation, it is essential to demonstrate that a proper professional approach was employed. The chapter will cite any new programming languages and systems which had to be learnt and will mention complicated theories or algorithms which required understanding. This states any existing codebase or materials that your project builds on. The text here can commonly be identical to the text in your proposal, but it may enlarge on it or report variations.

For instance, the true starting point may have turned out to be different from that declared in the proposal and such discrepancies must be explained.

Dissertation Grants

This chapter should describe what was actually produced: the programs which were written, the hardware which was built or the theory which was developed. Any design strategies that looked ahead to the testing stage might profitably be referred to the professional approach again. Descriptions of programs may include fragments of high-level code but large chunks of code are usually best left to appendices or omitted altogether.

Analogous advice applies to circuit diagrams. Draw attention to the parts of the work which are not your own. The Implementation Chapter should include a section labelled "Repository Overview".

The IBP 2017 Dissertation Awards: a progress report

The repository overview should be around one page in length and should describe the high-level structure of the source code found in your source code Repository. It should describe whether the code was written from scratch or if it built on an existing project or tutorial. Making effective use of powerful tools and pre-existing code is often laudable, and will count to your credit if properly reported.